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Customer Central

Customer Central is a leading one stop shop for businesses who are looking  to increase their profits through improved customer experience management and customer care training.

In the day of increased customer power, it’s essential for businesses to embrace their customers both existing and potential. 80% of CEO’s believe they deliver a superior customer experience, but only 8% of their customers agree. (Bain & Co) This new age of customer power is a positive change for society with consumers benefiting and the companies that deliver a fantastic service and have the right culture throughout their organisation will be the ones that last.

Customer Central will improve your business results by bringing customers to the heart of your organisation. Our services include customer care training, customer experience management, help with optimising customer feedback including social listening. We also provide mystery shopping, customer journey planning, voice of the customer strategy and implementation.

The company founder, Sandra Dunne is a renowned customer service expert who has always believed that well cared-for, happy consumers are the determining factor in business success.

Sandra has extensive experience in leisure, fitness and retail in both the UK & Ireland, working with businesses such as IKEA, énergie, Cannons, Nuffield Health, Civic Leisure and various Local Authorities.

Sandra is well positioned to advise businesses on the small things that make the big differences and operates throughout Ireland.


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Customer experience, did you know?

  • By 2020, customer experience will overtake price and product as the key brand differentiator. “ Walker Customers 2020 report
  • It costs a business at least 6-7 times more to make a new sale than retain an existing one. (White House Office of Consumer Affairs). Many businesses focus on acquisition and lose much business through poor handling of renewed/repeat business opportunities.
  • 70% of buying experiences are based on how the customer feels they are being treated. (McKinsey)
  • 89% of consumers have stopped doing business with a company after experiencing poor customer service. (Right Now Customer Experience Impact Report)
  • 10% increase in customer retention levels result in a 30% increase in the value of the company. (Bain & Co)


Customer engagement & voice of the customer strategy:

Meaningful relationships with customers are key to business improvement. Customer Central can help you develop a cohesive customer engagement and voice of the customer strategy. These strategies link all aspects of your business and put customers at the heart of your organisation.

Customer experience review:

Customer Central can help you develop, design and implement an excellent customer experience. We will review your systems and processes to ensure every possibility along the customer journey is managed and seamless. This will improve your satisfaction scores and word of mouth advertising.

Mystery shopping:

  • Customer Central will design a bespoke secret /mystery shopping programme to suit your business.  This will test your processes to ensure all the customer interactions are happening as expected.
  • Customer Central’s mystery shoppers are selected carefully, fully trained and experienced individuals who will give your business a fair and thorough review.

Assisting your Team:

Are your internal customers looked after? A great business requires an engaged team to make the magic happen.

  • Do you have a culture in your organisation that values staff contributions?
  • Do you have the right team?
  • Are they hired based on their skills or attitude?
  • Once on board, are they trained well and properly inducted prior to being in front of a customer?
  • Do they understand your vision for the business and are they part of it?

Customer Central can assist your business in recruitment and selection; from screening applicants, assessment days, training and induction.

Customer Central can assist with engaging and invigorating your employees, surveying your staff and reporting back on mood, morale and commitment.

Customer care training:

Excellent customer experience management requires an understanding and knowledge of your potential and existing customers. Along with a great attitude, employees need a range of skills to exceed under pressure, confidence to handle the tricky situations and empathy to make the right choices.

Customer Central offers bespoke customer care training for all levels of employees in your organisation. The training covers a range of topics, is interactive and action orientated. This training gives employees the understanding of excellent customer service, the value of it in business today and the skills and knowledge to deliver an excellent experience to your customers.

Consumer complaint handling:

Do you have the right culture and processes in place? Customer Central can help your teams understand the value of customer feedback, improve the outcomes from complaints and ensure that there are robust systems around social media listening and answering.



“Voice of the Customer” and how to utilise this feedback to deliver better customer service.

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Introduction to excellent customer experience management.

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How to develop customer strategies to improve business profits.

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The importance of internal customer service and employee engagement in business today.

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Customer care training and how it can assist businesses improve customer service.

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Customer service summarised

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“Sandra has an extensive knowledge of all aspects of operations in the health, fitness and leisure industry. Sandra is an excellent customer care trainer with an ability to connect everybody in the room. Sandra is an expert in the creation, implementation and development of systems. Sandra provided the moral compass for the organisation, protecting the value of the brand, the interests of stake holders and the care of the employees and customers. I promote Sandra with complete confidence that she will quickly add value to any organisation.”
Innes Kerr, Operations Director énergie fitness

“Sandra assisted us on a recent in-house project where we focused on the business’s core strengths and weaknesses. She really helped us re-focus and build a strategy for future growth. Sandra organised a bespoke customer care training for our organisation which was received very well .She was always professional and a pleasure to work with.”
Susan Thornber, Managing Director, Speaker Solutions

“Sandra is dedicated and passionate about delivering excellence in service. A true champion who does genuinely walk the walk. Working with Sandra, you and your team will not only improve, but understand why service is so important.”
Jarrod Lupson, Managing Director, Coconut Solutions.

“Thank you so much, I really enjoyed the customer care training and took a lot away from it, excellent in your speech regarding customer care – well done”

Mary Kennedy – Coral Leisure 



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