customer care tips

I spend considerable time in the retail sector and see many examples of great customer care and service selling. I applaud those businesses who have nailed it. Nevertheless, there are plenty of shops who have the opportunity to improve.

Below are my 10 suggested actions you can take today to improve your customer care in your retail business.

  1. Spend time calling suppliers; see if you are doing enough for them, they will have lots of valuable knowledge that you gain from them.
  2. Check your website from a user experience, test all the links and tabs to see if it is all up to date and functioning as designed.
  3. Plant a genuine warm smile on your face and ensure everyone receives it including your employees.
  4. Take any defensiveness out of your outlook and ask your employees for genuine feedback
  5. Be the face of your business for a minimum of 30 mins every day, use this time to think about the customer journey. How well does it flow? Can it be improved?
  6. Embrace digital, commit to engaging and education daily, answer your reviews and take the feedback on board
  7. Critique your shop from the customers eyes, how easy is it to navigate around? Does it look appealing and would you want to shop here?
  8. Set the standards for your team, do they all know what’s expected of them? Don’t expect people to know, start with the simple things, they matter!
  9. Coach your team, never miss the opportunity to engage and work with your team on their and your development
  10. Show gratitude – thank your customers, your employees and your suppliers for being part of your success.

Hope you enjoyed these tips, feel free to share these tips.